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Marketing is about investing $10 to make $100 we aim for the highest     % of ROAS plus ROI at AURA.

AURA market has the highest conversion rate per a dollar in New Zealand and this is not only because our skilled marketing techniques but actually it comes down to our super cheap pricing structures we offer which creates savings right from the start in term increasing your final ROAS (Return On Ad Spend.)

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Paid Ads
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Paid Ads.

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Social media and other paid ads

Paid social media ads offer unparalleled targeting capabilities, reaching specific demographics, interests, and behaviors. With precise audience segmentation and customizable ad formats, they ensure your message resonates with the right people, driving high-quality leads and maximizing conversion rates. Additionally, comprehensive analytics provide valuable insights to optimize campaigns for continuous improvement and ROI and ROAS impact maximization.

Strictly only pay for what is clicked on.

Pay Per Click ads

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is one of the best ways to advertise for people who are trying to outreach their customer at a contracted and limited rate, you only pay for the ads that are seen and clicked on. It is easier to determine estimate reach by generating new leads due to its precise targeting options and immediate visibility. With Pay Per Click it will guarantee views and clicks, with PPC either they click on your ad or you don't pay for the ad space cost.

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Ad spending is so easy to start!

Starting ads is even easier knowing that 100% of the ad campaigns we ran for businesses saw a return on their initial investment by the first month and an average of 350% ROAS by the third month of advertising with us.

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Email Marketing.

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Why is email marketing still a great way?

Email marketing remains powerful in 2024 due to its direct and super personalized approach by reaching audiences where they're always most engaged – their inbox. With advanced segmentation and automation tools, it delivers tasty and bright content for your audiences, driving engagement and conversions. Its cost-effectiveness and measurable results make it an indispensable tool for businesses seeking effective communication and lead generation.

Large scale emailing lists.

At AURA Marketing, we excel in orchestrating expansive large scale email campaigns, from conception to implementation, providing that optimum lead outreach and engagement. Additionally, we provide curated email databases aligned with your target audience, bolstering the efficacy of your campaigns. Rely on us to streamline your email marketing initiatives and deliver outstanding results.

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Email marketing is the best way to test your service or product before using large scale ads as it tests interest in the market at less costs.

Physical Marketing.

Can I compete in physical marketing?


Despite the digital age, physical marketing remains potent in New Zealand, reaching a wide audience and driving conversions. Each year over 450 million repeated billboard ads are view from traffic, train catchers and pass byers witha conversion rate of approximately 52%, it's evident that physical marketing holds sway in capturing attention and influencing consumer behavior. Trust AURA Marketing to harness the power of physical marketing to elevate your brand presence and drive results.

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Be seen everywhere.

We make sure your ad is seen where it needs to be seen! We have partnerships all across New Zealand that beat competitive rates and are in major spots where you will be seen by millions repetitively each month. The power of your brand is in your hands, standing out from the rest of the crowd starts at AURA marketing.

Want to be seen by millions in person?

Contact us now and let's get your billboard setup!

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