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Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Purpose of the Copyright Policy

This policy outlines our approach to copyright protection and usage rights for all content displayed on our website.

1.2 Scope and Application Applicable to all users accessing our website, this policy governs the use and distribution of copyrighted material.

1.3 Definitions Defines key terms related to copyright, ensuring clarity and understanding throughout the policy.

Chapter 2: Ownership Of Content

2.1 Original Content We affirm our ownership of all original content created and published on our website, including text, graphics, images, videos, and audio.

2.2 Third-Party Content Acknowledges third-party content used on our website with proper permissions or licenses, specifying usage rights and attributions.

2.3 User-Generated Content Defines the ownership and usage rights of content submitted by users, outlining permissions and responsibilities.

Chapter 3: Copyright Protection

3.1 Copyright Laws Compliance with copyright laws of all countries, including New Zealand, ensuring proper protection of intellectual property rights.

3.2 Copyright Notice Display of copyright notices on our website, asserting ownership and warning against unauthorized use of content.

3.3 Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Compliance Procedures for handling copyright infringement claims in accordance with the DMCA, including takedown requests and counter-notifications.

Chapter 4: Usage Rights And Permissions 

4.1 Limited License Granting users a limited, non-exclusive license to access and use content on our website for personal or non-commercial purposes.

4.2 Commercial Use Prohibiting unauthorized commercial use of copyrighted material without explicit permission or licensing agreements.

4.3 Reproduction and Distribution Restrictions on reproduction, distribution, or modification of copyrighted content without prior consent.

Chapter 5: Attribution And Credit

5.1 Proper Attribution Requirements for proper attribution when using or referencing our copyrighted material, including author names, titles, and source URLs.

5.2 Removal of Attribution Prohibition against removing or altering copyright notices, watermarks, or attribution credits from our content.

Chapter 6: Licensing And Permissions 

6.1 Licensing Options Offering licensing options for commercial use of our copyrighted material, specifying terms, fees, and usage restrictions.

6.2 Permissions for Reuse Providing guidelines and procedures for requesting permissions to reuse or republish our copyrighted content.

Chapter 7: Enforcements And Remedies 

7.1 Copyright Enforcement Outlining our enforcement actions against copyright infringement, including legal remedies and penalties.

7.2 Dispute Resolution Procedures for resolving copyright disputes and addressing infringement claims through negotiation, mediation, or legal channels.

Chapter 8: Updates To This Policy

8.1 Notification of Changes Commitment to notifying users of any updates or changes to the copyright policy, ensuring transparency and awareness.

8.2 Review of Policy Encouraging users to review the policy periodically for updates and revisions.

Chapter 9: Additional Information

9.1 New Zealand Copyright Laws Compliance Affirming compliance with New Zealand copyright laws and regulations, including the Copyright Act 1994.

192 International Copyright Laws Compliance Addressing compliance with other relevant international copyright laws and treaties, ensuring global adherence to copyright standards.

Copyright Policy

Privacy Policy
Terms And Conditions