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Sales is the heartbeat of any business, fueling growth, driving revenue, and unlocking opportunities. It's the lifeline that propels success, transforming vision into reality, and forging lasting connections with customers.

Experience the difference with AURA Marketing, where sales expertise meets innovation. Our strategies and relentless dedication ensure unmatched results, making us the only choice when it comes to truly defining sales success.

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AURA Sales management

Quality sales management is the center of any business, orchestrating the dance between prospects and profit. It's the engine that fuels growth, turning leads into loyal customers and revenue streams into roaring success. With meticulous planning and strategic execution, sales management unleashes the full potential of your team, ensuring every interaction is a step closer to triumph and the money roll!

Finding good sales people is hard!

We have been in the sales industry for nearly 20 years, we know what a sales person is!

Elevate your sales strategy with AURA Marketing's comprehensive Sales Management service. From call center setup to specialized sales recruitment, we handle every aspect of sales pipeline creation and team management. Boost efficiency and drive results without the hassle of sales training. Partner with us for unparalleled success! Trust is to be the one responsible for reaching your big sales targets.

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What is sales management?

Specialized sales recruitment is about identifying and hiring top-tier talent according to your industry and unique business needs. It's about pinpointing individuals who entail the right skills, experience, and mindset to drive sales success, ensuring your team is equipped to excel and deliver exceptional results. We have been doing Sales Recruitment since we started operating back at the start of 2000. We know what a quality employee is when we got one but when are even better at spotting what good sales person is. AURA marketing will handle all stages of the recruitment process including all pre-screening and pre training requirements for your businesses needs.
Sales strategy and pipeline building involve crafting a comprehensive plan to achieve sales objectives while systematically managing and nurturing leads from initial contact to conversion. It encompasses identifying target markets, developing messaging, and outlining sales tactics tailored to the business's goals. The pipeline building process includes prospecting, qualifying leads, engaging with potential customers through various channels, and strategically moving them through the sales funnel. It's about establishing a structured approach to consistently generate and convert leads, resulting in sustainable revenue growth and long-term success.
Our call center management service involves overseeing and optimizing the operations of call centers to ensure efficient and effective customer interactions. Effective call center management focuses on enhancing customer satisfaction, reducing call wait times, improving first call resolution rates, and maximizing agent productivity. It involves implementing strategies to handle call volume fluctuations, analyzing call data to identify trends and areas for improvement, and continuously refining processes to enhance overall call center performance. The goal is to create a seamless and positive customer experience while maximizing call power.
Call systems management and setup services involve configuring, maintaining, and optimizing call systems for streamlined communication. This includes setting up call management software, phone systems, and integrating communication tools for efficient call routing and monitoring. These services also encompass integrating various channels like voice calls, email, and chat for customer contact. Additionally, they involve implementing call tracking tools to monitor call volume and response times, improving communication and operational efficiency. Our call systems management also includes 0800 number and other PBX systems setups.
We offer businesses comprehensive and extensive call directories featuring updated information including at a minimum business name, director names, addresses, and phone numbers across New Zealand, Australia, USA, UK, and other global locations. Our directories are meticulously maintained and updated annually to ensure accurate and reliable information for effective communication and outreach strategies. Having the handy call directories that we provide will save your sales team a massive amount of  hard working hours scrapping online call directories for businesses to call. We provide our numbers inside spreadsheets for you to access any time.

Better sales management starts here.

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Customer service right over to cold calling...

Pick AURA to train your teams!

Sales training is essential for all sales aspects, including customer service, phone (cold to warm calling), face-to-face interactions, and any other sales method that you can think of. It equips teams with vital skills like effective communication, objection handling, and relationship building. This ensures consistency, boosts morale, and drives sales performance for increasing the revenue at your company.

We will train you and your team anywhere in the world while always delivering top quality.

Experience the difference with our results-driven sales training! Our expert coaches provide hands on guidance and personalized strategies to accelerate your company's team's performance. Transform your sales force into top performers and elevate your business to new heights of success with AURA marketing! We will push your staff through the fire hoops and have them making sales in their next week!

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How can we help training your sales people?

During the initial review stage of our sales training service, we diligently assess various aspects crucial for success. This includes evaluating sales management practices, analyzing the effectiveness of the sales system and pipeline, refining the sales pitch, assessing the capabilities of sales people but also and their leaders, and  then crafting a detailed in depth training schedule to address specific needs and goals on training your sales force.

In the group empowering stage, we will unite the team to foster better management skills which emphasizing teamwork, motivation, and mutual support for success. We will help create a friendly yet very challenging environment to encourage collaboration and drive individual and collective growth, ensuring everyone reaches their full potential. We want to make sure your staff having something to fight for! Trust us when we say people sell better when they have goals and bonuses helping them touch the stars.

Through our one-on-one training stage, we conduct individualized sales assessments, analyze call recordings to identify areas for improvement, and provide personalized sales walkthroughs. This focused attention ensures each team member receives extensive guidance to enhance their sales skills and performance. We noticed sales people really do rely on that one on one support to fill their holes of failure so that they can succeed long term!

In the Performance Setting stage, sales managers learn to set realistic goals, track progress effectively, adjust targets as needed, and optimize cost-efficiency for increased sales profitability. It involves strategic planning and data-driven decision-making to drive sales team performance and achieve business objectives. Businesses, their sales managers plus also the sales people having these insights will depend on weather you sell or not.

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Do you know how to present your product?

You only get the one shot in retail!

When it comes to product to retail acquisition, having a professional by your side is crucial. They bring expertise in negotiating deals, understanding market trends, and navigating complex supply chains. Their insights and connections can streamline the process, ensuring you secure the best partnerships and maximize your retail distribution channels.

Walk out with new clients quickly..

AURA Marketing excels in product to retail acquisition, securing lucrative deals and lasting partnerships. With our industry expertise and personalized approach we will help you get in the meeting rooms with retail providers and then walk straight out with a deal! We will help you build your product portfolio and make sure you have all required content to start selling your product at their retail chain.

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What steps does it take to have your product reach retail shops?

Our service initiates with conducting product trials, strategically positioning your offerings in retail settings. Through these trials, we gather invaluable feedback from consumers, analyzing their preferences and opinions to refine your product for optimal market appeal.

we meticulously conduct legal research to ensure your products comply with all relevant regulations and standards. This stage involves assessing potential legal risks, ensuring proper licensing and permits, and safeguarding your business interests by adhering to industry-specific laws and regulations. We then will submit this to you for you to improve on.

Our team works closely with you to enhance product features and packaging, aligning them with consumer demands and market trends. We focus on improving product quality, functionality, and branding to maximize consumer satisfaction and competitive advantage of your competitors.

 Through thorough market research and analysis, we identify target demographics and assess market trends and demands. This stage involves gathering insights into consumer preferences, behaviors, and purchasing patterns, allowing us to tailor marketing strategies and product positioning for maximum impact. This is a must to ensure a successful product.

We conduct extensive research to identify potential retail partners aligned with your product goals and target market, this includes local retailers and international retailers. This stage involves analyzing retailer requirements, assessing distribution channels, and evaluating partnership opportunities to expand your product's reach and visibility in the market. This stage helps us build our pitch and acquisition for when we first contact the retailer.

 In the final stage, we focus on building a strong product portfolio defined to meet market demands and retailer requirements. This involves negotiating with retailers, managing inventory, and executing acquisition strategies to secure placement in retail stores. We handle all aspects of portfolio management, ensuring seamless execution and maximizing your product's exposure and sales potential. By here we expect you to start receiving your first retail deals and closing on these acquisitions.

DON'T contact retailers without us.

You only have once chance. Rely on us to sweep and review your retail leads confidentially and stealthy ensuring if you and us fail your product isn't spotted.

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